Dmitrii Kharin

Front-End Team Lead


Top Skills


React, Redux

TypeScript, Next.js

Node.js, Express

Build & Deploy


Docker, Bash


CSS Modules, Tailwind


Code quality

ESlint, Prettier

React testing library, Jest



Coaching, Delegation





English, B2

Russian, Native


Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Career objective

Led a team at Sweed POS to make E-commerce SaaS better, started and completed the Microfrontends project at Raiffeisen Bank to improve online banking, worked on cloud technology at Yandex.Cloud, and enhanced user experiences at Avito. I've mentored new developers and managed projects in different areas. I am not afraid to work with legacy code and am always ready to improve it.

Work Experience 9 years

Front-End Team Lead

Sweed POS | June 2022 - April 2024 / Remote

I was responsible for the development of various components of an E-commerce SaaS product, including cashier, CRM and admin panel web applications.

  • Leading a team of 4 front-end developers across 3 product teams, including hiring and onboarding 3 developers, conducting approximately 30 interviews.
  • Conducting regular one-to-one meetings, performance reviews, and providing support for professional growth.
  • Authored documentation for processes, code conventions, and architectural features.
  • Initiated regular meetings for all front-end team members, where we discussed new features in the product and explored ways to improve our development approach.
  • Conducting assessments of team development tasks.
  • Creating a queue of technical debt and addressing it.
  • Improved the type system by removing duplicate data interfaces in sections, boosting clarity. Refactored about 40% of the code, resulting in the removal of roughly 1000 unnecessary lines from the average section.
  • Improved a section within the admin panel for managing active orders. It updates the list using web sockets and allows users to create tabs with custom filters and sort rules for different scenarios. Additionally, it saves configurations for various tiers, such as Nation level, State level, or Organization level.
  • Designed and implemented a marketing scenario constructor in the admin panel. It features step-by-step blocks that connect different relationships, including fork types. Each block contains various options fields and has the capability to append new elements at any point in the chain. All components are rendered on an infinite and draggable area.
  • Developed 5 sections with functionality including forms, lists with forms, and nested lists with forms.

Senior Front-End Engineer

Yandex.Cloud | November 2020 - June 2022 / Moscow

Our team of around 30 Engineers actively participated in developing cloud technologies, working on Front-End and Backend For Front-End (Node.js) aspects.

  • Wrote comprehensive documentation detailing the deployment of services in cloud architecture, with a focus on security, container registry, and image features. This documentation also included guidance on managing these processes using the TeamCity interface.
  • Separated Billing and Support services from the main application, refactored them, organized the deployment pipeline, and launched a preview.
  • Enhanced the internal Telegram bot for release management, enabling it to create release/hotfix-candidate branches with new commits, deploy to a staging environment, notify commit authors, collect votes, and prepare for deployment to production.
  • Enhanced the i18n run-time library, developed an i18n builder library, and integrated it with CI/CD and an external service for translations. Implemented automated processes involving translation teams and developers. Integrated the i18n framework across 4 teams and 7 services.
  • Contributed to the design system's component library.
  • Migrated two services from the old internal CI/CD service to the new TeamCity CI/CD service to meet compliance requirements.
  • Designed and implemented a popup that prompts users to provide their email or phone number for verification, ensuring its functionality across multiple applications within the navigation panel.
  • Developed and released the Front-End part of managed service for GitLab.
  • Received an "exceed expectations" assessment twice in a row during performance reviews, a rating given to only 10% of employees.

Front-End Team Lead

Raiffeisen Bank | October 2018 - November 2020 / Moscow

We improved an online banking web application for both large and small businesses.

  • Led the platform Front-End team, our goal was to provide convenient technologies to product teams, helping them achieve their business objectives.
  • Conducted around 40 interviews and successfully hired and onboarded four developers.
  • Additionally, I held the role of Community Lead, where I facilitated professional growth, addressed administrative matters, and conducted one-to-one meetings with 9 Front-End developers across 4 teams.
  • Designed and implemented "Microfrontends", enabling concurrent deployment of components across six teams without affecting each other. This approach was released in production under my leadership after five months of precise design, proof of concept testing, presentation, advocacy in front of several technical directors, and conducting load testing.
  • Designed, implemented, and launched a migration approach from a single language used within markup to i18n with two languages. Additionally, I set up a temporary internal service to parse 10,000 words and phrases for convenient translation.
  • Developed sections containing forms and lists with intricate business logic.
  • Received the "Vice President" award, an internal recognition for outstanding achievements.
  • Arranged two meetups for groups of 30 individuals.
  • Senior Front-End Engineer

    Avito | June 2017 - October 2018 / Moscow

    I worked in a Scrum team at the largest classifieds platform in Russia, like eBay in USA. Our responsibilities included managing public and user profiles, feedback functional, announcement history, and login and registration pages.

  • Development of avatar cropper functionality for both mobile and desktop versions using vanilla JavaScript.
  • Creation of a modal window for reporting complaints in the React desktop version, and vanilla JavaScript for the mobile version. It consists of multiple steps.
  • Designing and implementing a new authentication, registration, and password recovery system for the desktop version. The modal window, which can be triggered in any context of the site, has isolated routing and the ability to receive data from any modules in the simplest way possible.
  • Creating a modal window with the ability to leave feedback for the seller.
  • Assistance in developing components of the design system.
  • Creating an admin page for moderating complaints.
  • Wrote automated tests using a PHP framework for most of the developed features.
  • Front-End Engineer

    Progress Soft | August 2016 - June 2017 / Moscow

    Worked at a consulting company that handles both commercial and government projects. Created:

  • A pilot version of a social network with functionality similar to Instagram.
  • A prototype of a website for government procurement of pharmaceuticals.
  • A pilot version of a web interface for managing a flying drone.
  • Front-End Engineer

    City Business School | December 2015 - August 2016 / Moscow

    I worked at a company that deals with online business education.

  • Maintained and designed the main website with a blog, personal account, and educational information.
  • Markup of marketing pages and emails.
  • Participation in the development of a distance learning system.
  • Web Engineer

    Web studio Matodor | June 2015 - December 2015 / Moscow

    Worked at a web studio that developed websites for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Creating an online jewelry store on 1C Bitrix, including designing all pages, implementing a jewelry builder, and configuring and launching the website
  • Support and expansion of websites built on a ready-made engine, based on the YII2 framework. Websites vary in scope, from portfolio sites to simple online stores.
  • Moonlighting Part-time

    Full Stack Engineer

    Maffick | Febrary 2019 - June 2019 / Moscow

    Creating a marketing website for a creative studio with the ability for users to generate and download videos on various topics with their own images inserted (advertisement generator).

    Education Mentor

    HTMLAcademy | April 2017 - May 2018 / Moscow

    Supporting students during their studies, checking homework and projects. Explaining material from basic and advanced JavaScript courses. Over the course of 5 intensives, I mentored 19 individuals.

    Front-End Engineer

    Crypto Data Analyzer | March 2018 - April 2018 / Moscow

    Creating a prototype of a dashboard for analyzing events related to cryptocurrencies happening on social media. Working with various types of charts and a world map.

    Front-End Engineer

    justfood | June 2017 - January 2018 / Moscow

    CRM system for managing orders, users, and kitchen tasks for a food delivery service. I successfully created and launched the entire frontend part.

    Real old portfolio (7 years ago)